Toruń Centre for Astronomy
Nicolaus Copernicus University

On some properties of the local galactic disk as determined by star clusters

Strobel Andrzej

The paper presents an analysis of the space distribution of optical and chemical properties of interstellar matter and stars in the Galaxy as traced by star clusters. The observed large (of kpc size) and small (within cluster) inhomogeneities of these properties are connected with space clumpings in density distribution of matter. In the local galactic disk some groups of objects (complexes), homogeneous with respect to their age and metallicity, seem to exist. Being probably segments of spiral arms, these complexes are similar to structures observed also in external galaxies. These complexes seem to differ in their kinematics.

Cosmochemistry, Disk Galaxies, Galactic Structure, Interstellar Matter, Milky Way Galaxy, Star Clusters, Density Distribution, Mass Distribution, Metallicity, Star Distribution, Stellar Evolution