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A 1.1-mm spectral line survey of GLIMPSE extended green objects (EGOs) - similarity and randomness in EGO clouds

dr Jinhua He (Yunnan Astronomical Observatory CAS)

Spitzer GLIMPSE extended green objects (EGOs) are new candidates of massive forming stars. We surveyed molecular line emission around 250 and 260 GHz toward a sample of 89 EGOs and detected emission lines from H13CO+, SiO, SO, CH3 OH, CH3OCH3, CH3CH2CN, HCOOCH3 in many or some of them. I will present the results and demonstrate that most of these EGO clouds are associated with dense gas and/or (outflow) shocks. I shall also show the correlations in molecular line luminosities and line widths among these EGOs and discuss the possible similarity and randomness in the density and velocity fields in the giant molecular clouds associated with the EGOs.

07.10.2013 - 11:15
Sala seminaryjna KRA