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Chemically peculiar stars in open clusters. I - The catalog

Niedzielski Andrzej, Muciek Marek

The largest existing compilation is presented of Ap and Am open cluster stars. The catalog contains information on 381 chemically peculiar (CP) stars of the upper main sequence in 79 open clusters. The catalog is composed of the following tables: (1) the main body, which lists CP (or suspected CP) stars which are kinematical (or suspected kinematical) members of open clusters; (2) the list of CP (or suspected CP) stars sometimes numbered among cluster members but which are actually kinematical nonmembers; (3) the list of stars sometimes designated as 'peculiar' but, in fact, probably not CP; (4) references for numbering systems of cluster stars; (5) references for membership; and (6) references for spectral and/or peculiarity types.

Słowa kluczowe
Astronomical Catalogs, Open Clusters, Peculiar Stars, Main Sequence Stars, Reference Stars, Star Clusters, Stellar Physics