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High-resolution profiles of diffuse interstellar bands as functions of the structure of the interstellar medium

Krelowski J., Westerlund B. E.

High-resolution spectra (0.05 A) are used to illustrate the influence of the physical parameters of the intervening clouds, as well as of the Doppler shifts, on the observed diffuse interstellar band (DIB) profiles. The results suggest that the DIBs at 5780 and 5797 may be caused by different carriers. It is noted that the ability of single interstellar clouds to produce DIBs varies from cloud to cloud and from one DIB to another. DIB profiles observed in distant stars depend upon both the optical properties of all clouds along the line-of-sight and their radial velocities.

Słowa kluczowe
Interstellar Matter, Spectral Bands, Radial Velocity, Sodium, Stellar Spectra