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The intrinsic profiles of five diffuse interstellar bands

Westerlund B. E., Krelowski J.

Intrinsic profiles, i.e., profiles originated in single clouds, are presented for the diffuse interstellar bands at 5780, 5797, 6196, 6284 and 6379 A. The profiles have been derived by using the interstellar sodium lines to determine the number of clouds and their radial velocities along each line-of-sight to a number of nearby stars. The strongest component of each diffuse band has then been isolated for each direction; their mean profiles have been calculated and normalized. The profiles are described by a decomposition into Gaussian curves.

Słowa kluczowe
Interstellar Matter, Molecular Clouds, Spectral Bands, Stellar Spectra, Interstellar Extinction, Line Of Sight, Radial Velocity, Signal To Noise Ratios, Telluric Lines