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Molecules, Quantum Chemistry, Spectroscopy

dr Marcin Gronowski

Molecules are in nearly all types of astronomical objects: diffuse interstellar clouds, dense molecular clouds, star forming regions, and envelopes of evolved stars. Except for a few of the simplest species like hydrogen (H2), most polyatomic molecules have a low abundance. In spite of this, they are excellent probes of physical conditions in the extraterrestrial environments in which they are found. Their spectra and abundances depend on the temperature, density, and radiation field. However, such detailed pictures cannot be obtained without
deep knowledge of the spectroscopy and chemistry of the observed species. This information comes from experimental studies and quantum chemical calculations. In my talk, I will present the molecular parameters that can be can be easily and reliable obtained from quantum chemical calculations. I will also show few examples of how this type of data can be used in an analysis of astronomical observations of dense molecular clouds.

19.12.2016 - 11:15
Sala seminaryjna KRA