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SPICA - The Next Generation Infrared Space Mission

prof. dr hab. Ryszard Szczerba

SPICA - SPace Infrared telescope for Cosmology and Astrophysics is a common project of JAXA and ESA with a 3 m class telescope, which will be cooled for the first time to about 6K. In this way SPICA will provide a unique environment where 3 planned instruments are limited only by the cosmic background itself.
The wavelength range covered by the SPICA instruments will be from 5 up to 210 micrometers. The main scientific objectives of the mission are:
- formation and evolution of galaxies;
- formation and evolution of planetary systems; and
- life cycle of dust.
During my talk I will present overview of the mission and possibility for Poland to join the SAFARI consortium. SAFARI - Spica FAR infrared Istrument - is one of the most important instrument planned for SPICA.

07.01.2013 - 11:15
Sala seminaryjna KRA