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Water fountains from protostars - the signposts of UV-illuminated shocked gas

dr Agata Karska

Water vapor is ubiquitous in star forming regions across various mass regimes and evolutionary stages. Particularly impressive is the wealth of water lines seen toward low-mass protostars during the main accretion/ ejection phases (Class 0/I) where water traces warm and dense gas associated with the outflows and accounts for the bulk of total far-infrared line cooling.

In my talk I will show how the close connection between water and highly-excited CO as revealed by Herschel makes it possible to discriminate between different models of shocks and respective physical conditions in the protostellar environments. In particular, I will emphasize that shocks illuminated by UV photons from the accreting protostar are necessary to account for the observed low water abundance, and thus matching the far-infrared observations. In this way, Herschel has opened our eyes to the energetic lives of young stars, revealing new physical processes not previously seen from the ground.

21.11.2016 - 11:15
Sala seminaryjna KRA